Commissioned watercolor of the Guest House by Sean Friloux

Commissioned watercolor of the Guest House by Sean Friloux


The land located here, at 835 Bourbon Street, 839 Bourbon Street, and 841 Bourbon Street was a gift from the Spanish government to The Cabildo (the ruling party here) in 1769.

A plantation owner wanted a city residence for himself, his wife and his two daughters. In 1830 – 1833, 841 Bourbon Street was built for himself and his wife. 835 and 839 Bourbon Street were built for each of his two daughters.

Each building is comprised of a Main Building, a Patio, and a Slave Quarter Building. In the Main Building:

  • A dining room and living room were on the first floor
  • The family residence was on the second floor
  • The inside slaves lived on the third floor

In the Slave Quarter Building the lower level Slave Quarter served as a kitchen in addition to a Slave Quarter. The outside slaves lived in the Slave Quarter Building.

The horses and carriages were kept in the patio. There were no divisions between the buildings in 1833. The carriage entrance is on Dumaine Street, by Bourbon Street.

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